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How this motorcycle club whats to change your image of Sikh culture

Rajwinder Singh Sandhu stands in front of a mirror and suits up for an afternoon motorcycle ride through the country roads south of Winnipeg. He winds a fuchsia-coloured turban around his head and slips on a black leather vest adorned with a large blue and yellow patch on the back that identifies him as a member of the Sikh Motorcycle Club of Manitoba. The club's insignia includes a khanda, a symbol of the Sikh faith and a sign that what unifies him and his fellow motorcycling enthusiasts is mo

How field hockey is helping Winnipeg kids chase Olympic dreams

Thomas Jacob and Tejinder Gill are trying to change the future of field hockey in Manitoba. While it tends to be less popular than ice hockey in Canada, field hockey is extremely popular in South Asian communities. Coaches Jacob and Gill aim to not only grow participation within these communities but also to see the game recognized and reinstated by Sport Manitoba, the body that oversees amateur sports in the province. Jacob is an assistant professor of internal medicine and medical education

Photos: Far from home

The challenges for international students, though, begin with simply getting to Canada. Many foreign students who were already accepted to Canadian universities and planned to study here were left with no choice but to start classes online from their home country due to the pandemic. Before Khattar arrived in Canada, he took courses online from his home in India — which meant he not only had to juggle schoolwork with work at his family's business, but also had to deal with time zone difference

Want to play a role in Manitoba's journalism? Join our 1st-ever community advisory board | News

In a new pilot for CBC — but following a model adopted by other newsrooms around the world — CBC Manitoba is establishing a 15-member community advisory board to help inform the way it covers the province and reflects the communities the public broadcaster serves. Board members will hold their positions for up to two years and are asked to provide general guidance to the Winnipeg

Winnipeg women offer advice, encouragement to their younger selves through letters | News

The realities of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic have been deeply felt by women. While the unemployment rate for women in Manitoba last month dropped to 7.3 per cent — from 9.4 per cent in January 2021 — there are still gaps between how men and women are experiencing job loss and household pressures. CBC Manitoba reached out to female community leaders in our province earlier this month, on International Women's Day, and asked them to write letters that offered advice and encouragem

One Winnipeg-based investment firm is offering the first halal-style investment option for people who care that their wealth management portfolio is selected in ethical ways. | Information Radio - MB

One Winnipeg-based investment firm is offering the first halal-style investment option for people who care that their wealth management portfolio is selected in ethical ways. Making choices that secure your financial future can be intimidating. Making financial choices that also make you feel good, does that even exist? Can values and money-making really go together? One Winnipeg-based investment firm believes that values and wealth management can work together. Jesse Reitberger the CEO of Cana

Voices are growing louder this week as Winnipeg Sikhs draw attention to new farm laws in India. | Information Radio - MB with Marcy Markusa | Live Radio

In November, the Indian government introduced new farm laws that sparked strong reactions from Sikh farmers who say the changes will impact their livelihoods. Two Skihs Sikhs in Winnipeg Imreet Kaur Co-founder and creative director of Sikh Heritage Manitoba and Praneet Soni a member of the Sikh diaspora in Winnipeg who are both helping to mobilize Manitobans in response tells Marcy why this issue should matter to Manitobans.

Black female entrepreneurs say exposure, access to mentorship needed to open doors | News

Felicita Ovadje, a Nigerian-born lawyer and entrepreneur, immigrated to Winnipeg in 2008 as a student before taking the bar exam and opening up her own business. "I kind of had to build my own structure for myself and kind of change the narrative, you know, for Black women and girls," Ovadje said. Changing the narrative for Black women and girls includes moving toward business ownership that reflects the actual Black population of Manitoba — 2.4 per cent and growing.

'I needed to have my husband co-sign the loan': accountant says women entrepreneurs face funding obstacles | News

Banks, government agencies and capital investors generally agree that women approach financing their business ventures differently from men. The greatest difference is confidence with debt. The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub released a report in 2020 that says 83 per cent of women-owned businesses use personal sources of funding, and the are less likely than men to obtain other forms of financing, such as loans or investors. The size and scale of the businesses women operate

Entrepreneurship can help Indigenous girls feel 'beautiful and empowered': RezGal Lashes owner | News

Manitoba has the largest Indigenous population per capita in Canada — a number that represents immense opportunities for the provincial economy. A report released by the says that Indigenous-owned businesses represent a $30-billion economy in the next five years, and that the number of self-employed Indigenous people is growing at five times the rate of self-employed Canadians. But according to research by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Indigenous people

A former mayor and a young entrepreneur discuss being in Vanity Fair and how John Travolta saved Birt Saddlery | News

Getting into business for yourself as a woman can be challenging, with many citing barriers such as limited management experience, a lack of mentors who are visible role models and a sparse financial vocabulary. For some women, though, growing up in a family that owns a business is a way to learn the ropes and develop an entrepreneurial spirit. That was the case for Susan Thompson, who took over a family-owned retail business, Birt Saddlery, from her father before she became the first female

'I just work for her': CEO Gail Asper, Coal and Canary founder talk challenges facing female business leaders | News

Working women just might be the silent casualty of this pandemic. Increasing anxiety rates, maintaining a larger share of domestic duties and aspiring for professional accolades all factor into how COVID-19 is pushing women out of the workforce and down to the lowest levels in three decades, economists and sociologists have said. An even bigger economic picture shows some businesses are stuttering while others with "buy local" incentives are surging, as women launch new entrepreneurial venture

Channelling mom, Ghost Light writer/performer calls the spirits to Prairie Theatre Exchange stage | News

That's part of the premise behind Ghost Light, the latest show at Winnipeg's Prairie Theatre Exchange. For New Brunswick-born playwright and performer Shawn Wright, the play's name has a symbolic meaning that has also created an open invitation to his deceased mother — who was an amateur actress in her hometown of St. John — to finally get her professional acting debut. In the theatre world, a "ghost light" is a light left on backstage. On a practical level, the light is there for safety — but

'Oh my gosh! That would be bananas' - 5 questions for Winnipeg artist Divya Mehra | News

Divya Mehra is one of Canada's young, vibrant artists and a trailblazer in the art world. She's also from Winnipeg. Using mediums like sculpture, print, drawing, video, film and large-scale installations, Mehra often uses humour as a segue into tougher conversations with her art. She engages the audience quite wittingly into a dialogue about the effects of colonization and discrimination. It's tough stuff to have a conversation about today. In May, the Winnipeg Art Gallery opened Vision Exchan

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